God Is the Good We Do

Michael Benedikt

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Proof of God?

God Is the Good We Do invites believers and agnostics to return to their spiritual heritages with a changed understanding of how religions are and are not carrying out God's will. At the same time, it invites atheists to see that God is not the oldest and strongest but the youngest and weakest force in the universe, a force whose existence depends on them as much as anyone else. God Is the Good We Do appeals to both mind and heart, offering a fresh way to think about God in this scientific and media-saturated age.

"Michael Benedikt affirms that God exists and therefore counters the claims of atheism. (He) also offers an invitation to theists to look into a perspective of God that takes us beyond our traditional convictions and/or assumptions about the nature of God. He does for us what all religions ought to do: help us transcend rather than remain transfixed. How refreshing for those of us unafraid to explore our own unknowns."
— Tom Keene, National Council Member, Pax Christi, USA.

About the Author

Michael Benedikt is the author of For An Architecture of Reality (Lumen), Deconstructing the Kimbell (Lumen), Cyberspace: First Steps (ed., MIT Press), Shelter: The 2000 Wallenberg Lecture (U. Michigan), and God, Creativity and Evolution: The Argument From Design(ers) (Centerline Books). He is 2004 ACSA Distinguished Professor at the University of Texas at Austin, where he holds the Hal Box Chair in Urbanism and directs the Center for American Architecture and Design.